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Alicia Silverstone

This is our pomerania his name is Romeo and he...

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We always had dogs,so I understood all the joy and the love animals are capable of giving. It’s crazy to me that some people have dogs in thier homes, but they treat them more like furniture.


Alicia Silverstone

Not that I say,”Oh,I’m not going to associate with certain people.,” but I have my world,and I only want to be around people who I feel stimulated by. I have to be honest I do have a new quest: I want to meet more vegetarians,people who are more like minded. There’s something real neat about that feeling. It makes you feel so settled to know there’s somebody else sitting right there,being so passionate about what i’m passionate about. I don’t want to be around selfish people. I try to keep myself surrounded by deep people who will move me.

Montell Williams

They’ve been trying to test on animals for the past 50 years. Nobody’s come up with a cure,”he says. “If you want to test on somebody, test on me.”

Chelsea Clinton

Bigfork Health Foods in Bigfork, Montana

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I’m a big health food freak and a vegetarian devotee.

Charlize Theron

AN ESKIMO FAMILY. Tenderness and responsibilit...

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We don’t live the lives of Eskimos. We don’t need to kill animals for fashion.

Carmen Electra

It’s sad. That’s a living creature. We don’t have the right to take thier life away for fashion.

Trish Donnally

A mink on Lower Saranac Lake. Taken by User: M...

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The 1950’s American dream of owning a mink coat is as dead as the 60 mink killed to make that coat.