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Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam

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I quit eating red meat a long time ago. I’m a vegetarian, but not by a moral issue or any kind of stand. I still eat dairy. And I quit eating sugar about the same time I quit eating red meat, but I eat fruit.

Margi Clark

Various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains; ...

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I think if you want to eat more meat you should kill it yourself and eat it raw so that you are not blinded by the hypocrisy of having it processed for you.

Kate Bush

Cow and calf

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I just could not stand the idea of eating meat – I really do think that it has made me calmer….  People’s general awareness is getting much better, even down to buying a pint of milk:  the fact that the calves are actually killed so that the milk doesn’t go to them but to us cannot really be right, and if you have seen a cow in a state of extreme distress because it cannot understand why its calf isn’t by, it can make you think a lot.

Ingrid Newkirk, National Director of PETA

PETA logo

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Recognize meat for what it really is:  the antibiotic- and pesticide-laden corpse of a tortured animal.

PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Bob Ekstr on eating meat

Tongue – a variety of meat, rarely served because it clearly crosses the line between a cut of beef and a piece of a dead cow.

Author Unknown

Spit barbecue meat hanging on Avenue C in the ...

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If we aren’t supposed to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?

Rynn Berry on veganism

A cow milking machine

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My perspective of veganism was most affected by learning that the veal calf is a by-product of dairying, and that in essence there is a slice of veal in every glass of what I had thought was an innocuous white liquid – milk.